Email Marketing for Car Dealerships

Too many car dealerships have no clue how to leverage email marketing to increase sales & service business. They blast pointless messages to everyone in their database, hoping to stir up opportunities. They treat email just like television. This is a BIG mistake!

That’s where list segmentation comes into play. It’s the simple concept of taking a database and segmenting it into smaller subsets of data to better target the individual customer. If someone is interested in an SUV, why would you send them an email talking about Truck Month? Let BitMoto show you how to manage this powerful medium once and for all!

List Building for your Car Dealership

It’s difficult to email customers when you don’t have their email address.

We can implement simple, streamlined strategies both online and in your showroom to help build your emails lists, generating repeat business and keeping your name top of mind even after they leave your dealership.

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stay in touch with your customers by compiling a list of their emails
get your announcements out to your clients quickly and efficiently with our email blasts

eBlasts – Ready to Launch

Have you ever found yourself in a crunch to get out a last minute eBlast to your database?

With our “on-call” eBlast service, you can reach out at any moment, and we’ll have an email campaign that’s ready to launch immediately! We understand the fast-paced nature of the automotive business, so we work quickly to meet your needs and deliver those time-sensitive sales information as soon as possible.

Whether you plan far in advance or have an urgent request, we makes sure your messaging gets in front of your customers at the right time, every time.

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eNewsletters – Stay in Touch

Give your email subscribers information they ACTUALLY want to read. If you treat every email correspondence purely as a sales opportunity then you’ll lose more subscribers then you can replace.

We create compelling newsletters that don’t collect dust in inboxes. With engaging copy and eye-catching imagery, our content is where advertisement meets entertainment. Don’t worry, we know how to sneak in the good stuff too.

Combined with our list building services, our newsletters are an extremely easy and effective way to generate leads. Your target audience will receive only relevant content they simply can’t ignore

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create compelling newsletters to get information to your email subscribers
get your emails to those who have expressed interest in the subject matter

eSnipes – Precision at its Finest

When a car dealership takes the time to segment data and create several smaller email campaigns instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach, they realize a much higher return on investment. Unfortunately, limited resources means sticking to a single message is likely the easy way out.

Our eSnipes package will hyper target in-market buyers with the right message at the right time, helping you sell more cars without interrupting your busy schedule.

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Advanced Analytics

We provide you with advanced analytical reporting that shows you opens, clicks, & other  engagement metrics. Plus, we do a sales match to show you who actually bought a car.

High Quality Design

We only send out well crafted emails designed to engage your prospects and generate real, actual business for your car dealership.

Rapid Response

Our quick response & delivery speeds ensure we get your message out on time, every time.

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