BitMoto doesn’t follow the trends, we START the trends.

Over the decades, many tech companies come and go. An innovative idea may only be relevant for a few years or even a few months until a new concept proves more effective.

The most successful companies are always the ones willing to push for innovation, try new things, and constantly strive to improve their processes. This is why BitMoto never rests when it comes to our technology.

Cloud Computing

The benefits of utilizing a cloud-based platform are unmatched by traditional on-premise systems. Speed, reliability, and security are all greatly improved by taking advantage of the most reliable resources and technology infrastructures provided directly by none other than Google themselves.

Speed – With locally-based cloud servers, we ensure that our resources are delivered to the end-user in lightning fast times, no matter where the user is located.

Reliability – 24/7 monitoring of data flow ensures that systems are working properly at all times and allow immediate response protocols when needed. Backup data is continuously saved and stored in multiple secure locations so information is never lost.

Security – The industry’s highest security standards are always applied. You can rest-assured that your data and information is secure.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machines clearly have the potential to be much smarter, faster and more reliable than humans. This is why BitMoto leverages the latest developments in AI by applying proven machine learning techniques to our products and services including search engine marketing, SEO, Facebook advertising and conversion optimization.

Our Big Data approach, clever use of split testing procedures, analytics tools and industry knowledge allow BitMoto to continuously improve our targeting methods, marketing efficacy, and cost-effectiveness. In short, we can deliver better results at a lower cost.

Our machine learning technology harnesses large data sets provided by industry leaders, publicly provided information and your own dealer’s database so all results are uniquely catered to your local audience and market.

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Application Programming Interface

What exactly is an API and why does it matter to your dealer? In short, APIs allow BitMoto to leverage other technologies that already exist. For example, companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have already developed an astounding repertoire of useful technologies and software applications. It would behoove us to take advantage of their own innovations!

BitMoto connects these amazing applications directly to your marketing efforts by tapping into the built-in technology provided by these companies. For example, Google’s Adwords API allows us to run simple scripts that can customize your campaign to meet your exact specifications. A popular weather-based API allows us to set up automated processes that can be triggered when hail hits your geographical audience. High temperatures can automatically trigger A/C advertisements. The possibilities are endless.

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