Search Engine Marketing for Car Dealerships

When it comes to SEM, the level of competition has never been so high for car dealerships. Now more important than ever, you need to go the extra distance to earn each click.

We increase your market share with a proven process that helps lower costs and improve performance. Our approach allows dealerships to be more efficient with ad spend without spending more money.

Search Advertising

Our proprietary process helps increase your quality score and lower your cost. It’s a win-win situation.

We create conversion optimized landing pages that are built WITHIN your current dealer website, plus we leverage keyword mapping and dynamic inventory ads.

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advertise in search engines to draw more traffic
advertise your great offers with compelling banners

Display Advertising

We target in-market buyers with compelling media to drive incremental opportunities to your dealer website. That means more quality leads and more sales.

Once users click your ads, they’ll see that the content on our conversion optimized landing pages matches our display banners, creating a consistency in your messaging that significantly improves response rates. It’s a combination that’s virtually unbeatable.

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You’ve spent a lot of advertising money to get prospective buyers to your website. We make sure you stay in front of them until a conversion is made.

We also leverage dynamic retargeting technology to show each user digital ads that reference exactly what they were looking at on your website, so you can catch their attention even after they leave.

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get more traffic to your site with dynamic advertising
advertise your great offers with video pre-roll ads

Video & Pre-Roll Advertising

We target in-market buyers with creative, high quality video content to help drive further opportunities to sell.

Videos have been proven to increase engagement better than basic media. In the social media age, it’s all about engagement. Impress your potential customers and prove your dealership is on the cutting edge.

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Mobile Advertising

The world of mobile continues to grow, having long since taken over as the dominant way to browse the internet. Our strategies are catered to mobile users, leading to tremendous opportunities for our car dealerships.

But don’t worry if your customer base is more on the traditional side. All of our solutions work exceptionally well for desktop users too.

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google partner

Badged Google Partner

As a badged Google partner we have access to additional resources that ensure the successful execution of your next SEM campaign.

ROI Invested

We understand that at the end of the day you need more leads and more sales. That’s why we focus on performance based metrics as opposed to vanity metrics.

Designed For Automotive

Our staff was born from the dealership world. We understand how to connect the dots from a click on an ad to an actual sale for your dealership.

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