Born From Necessity.

Founder & CEO Matthew Strunk started BitMoto in April 2015 with long-time friend Devin Peterson. Matthew had worked in the automotive space for over a decade, serving as a sales consultant, internet manager, internet director and sales manager during his career.

It became clear that the majority of dealerships truly didn’t understand digital marketing beyond the fact that it was something they had to do. They needed a trusted solution to help them gain market share and be more efficient with their ad spend. And so, BitMoto was born.

The Perfect Internet Department.

While working in the dealership world, Matt dreamed of building the perfect internet department. He soon realized, however, that limited resources would prevent his vision from becoming reality. How could an average sized dealer group ever justify the expense of having an elite internet staff on payroll?

It’s because of this concern that many dealers resort to using vendors to solve individual problems. They hire one vendor for SEM, another for Social Media, another for graphic design and website maintenance…The list goes on and on. In theory, this practice isn’t so bad, but there is one huge problem with that approach…

BitMoto Team
Vendors Don't Coordinate

Vendors Don’t Coordinate.

Since most dealerships can’t justify the overhead expense of having an elite team of their own, they turn to multiple vendors for digital marketing help. The problem is that those vendors don’t coordinate with each other. They’re only concerned about themselves.

Before you know it your SEM ads are advertising $199/mo. for an Escape while your website says $299. Your social media sites don’t feature any content about the current sales event and your AutoTrader rep is going on about how valuable their service is, yet you can’t seem to quantify an actual return. You need experts who have experience on YOUR side of the table.

Forged in the Battles of the Dealership World.

BitMoto is the answer that so many dealerships are searching for. Our Internet Directors have years of experience in the car business and are familiar with all of the same vendors and services your dealership currently employs.

Some of our dealers use our services exclusively, while others have us manage their website and keep their outside vendors on track and coordinated. We truly have a custom solution that is perfect for your unique situation.

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Inconsistency is the only thing that’s consistent in automotive.

You don’t have to do it alone. There are tremendous sales and service opportunities out there for your dealership, and BitMoto is here to help you grab hold. Lets face it, every day there is a new software program that does this, or a vendor who does that. At BitMoto we stay ahead of the curve to make sure your dealerships is the first to take advantage of the newest technology.

Remember, there was a time when you didn’t have a website, there was a time that you weren’t doing SEM/PPC campaigns. There was a time when you didn’t have a Facebook page. And now, this time, you don’t have BitMoto on your side. That time ends now. Reach out today and give your dealership an edge over the competition!

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