Direct mail on steroids.

Direct mail has been around for as long as any of us can remember and they still drive results today. However, with the major advancements in technology there is a better way to engage your prospects. Introducing Rapid Engage.

Rapid Engage is an integrated solution that incorporates direct mail, email marketing, Facebook advertising, and Ringless Voicemail drops into one beautifully designed campaign. As a result, we’ve seen a 3X increase in response rates for our dealer clients which lead to more sales and service opportunities.

Direct Mail

At the heart of our campaign is direct mail. Tried and true it is most effective when combined with other direct touches. We design our direct mail pieces to help drive conversions for your dealership.

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use effective direct mail templates to grab your customer's attention

Email Marketing

Every direct mail piece is piggy backed with an email piece that has been designed to the same standards of our direct mail piece. We now have the opportunity to offer links for your prospects to dive further into the sales funnel where…well…we’ll be waiting for them.

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Facebook Advertising

We target the same customers with a targeted Facebook message which will confirm what they have seen and heard in the other pieces they are receiving. At this point we offer lead forms to convert these prospects into immediate opportunities.

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generate leads by targeting the right person at the right time

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

We will create a stunning landing page dedicated to driving home the same message we’ve used in our other advertising mediums. This landing page has been carefully designed to drive prospects further and convert them into leads for your dealership.

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Ringless Voicemail Drops

We love technology! In addition to receiving direct mail, email, and targeted Facebook ads, your prospects will receive what appears to be a call from your helpful staff to further drive home the message. These voicemails are often returned which leads to immediate phone opportunities for your staff.

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Designed for Automotive

You only deal with highly trained automotive experts who understand how your digital efforts translate into actual revenue for your car dealership.

Tech R Us

What is better than highly trained automotive professionals? Highly trained automotive professionals combined with technological breakthroughs.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Not quite sure that these solutions will help your car dealership? Call or schedule a free demo and let us show you real numbers from dealers just like yours.

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