Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

If you aren’t generating high quality leads from social media, then you need an intervention.

This is that intervention. Our social media marketing is second to none in the automotive industry, and our dealers are reaping the benefits.

Advanced Facebook Advertising

Facebook continues to provide tremendous marketing opportunities for automotive dealerships. On average, we generate over 30 highly qualified leads from Facebook each and every month.

This is in addition to the branding benefits you’ll receive from tens of thousands of engagements. More Likes and more Follows mean more customers, and a bigger audience you can target directly.

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Get your vehicles and offers seen on Facebook with Advanced Facebook Advertising
let us manage your social media so you can focus on running your dealership

Social Media Management

Creating and maintaining a solid social media campaign can be overwhelming, especially for busy car dealerships. It’s an ever-changing medium that can be tricky to learn, and even tougher to master.

With our experience, we understand exactly what type of content will engage an automotive audience across multiple social media platforms. Let us do the work for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the results.

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Video Production

If images are worth a thousand words then videos are worth a million. There is no better place to serve up compelling media than social media.

Our experts create stunning visual pieces that deliver your message to your target audience.

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take advantage of the increasing popularity of video in marketing
facebook marketing partner

Facebook Partner

We partner with Facebook to run highly targeted campaigns that deliver real ROI for our dealer clients.

Designed for Automotive

All of our campaigns are built exclusively for automotive. We are experts at leveraging social media to reach your target audience.

BDC Approach

We converse with active prospects on your social media pages and turn those conversations into opportunities.

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